Our team


AVSI-USA director

Ezio Castelli has served as President of AVSI-USA since its founding in New York in 2000.  In this capacity, he has directed the day-to-day operations and strategic orientation of AVSI-USA which serves a unique role as a liaison for the AVSI Foundation based in Milan, Italy, vis-à-vis the United Nations, the US Government and US-based Donors & Universities. 

Trained as a civil engineer, Ezio has served AVSI’s mission of bringing support to the most vulnerable people first in Democratic Republic of Congo, where he served for 12 years in the 1970s as one of AVSI’s first international volunteers, and later in Milan. In addition to his total 33 years of service to AVSI, Ezio has also worked as a consultant to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and FAO.

jackie aldrette

managing director

Jackie Aldrette is the Managing Director for AVSI-USA, the liaison office for AVSI Foundation in the United States. Jackie also serves as the Focal Point for USG Relations for the entire AVSI network, including local partners present in 30 countries around the world.

Jackie has served as New Business Program Manager for AVSI-USA for the past 10 years, supporting AVSI’s efforts to diversify funding sources and build a foundation of strategic partnerships with USG donor agencies, international financial institutions, foundations, individuals and universities.

roberta alves

communications and outreach manager

Roberta Alves is the Communications and Outreach Manager. Her main role is to Communicate AVSI’s mission and work to a wide and varied audience in the U.S., helping AVSI to fulfill its mission of being a two-way bridge connecting AVSI’s partners, staff and projects around the world with donors, partners and interested parties in the U.S. 

Roberta Alves has developed AVSI’s communications & outreach plan with careful consideration to the different audiences. She carries-out periodic analysis of communications channels such as newsletter, social media and website usage. She coordinates projects such as Annual Reports, production of new marketing materials, flyers and postcards and she is also responsible for contacting local and international media to promote AVSI’s events in the US and AVSI’s projects around the world.

She was born in Milan, Italy, but she has also lived in Brazil and Australia before moving to the US.

marie l'hermine


Marie L’Hermine provides support to the New Business Program Manager on all aspects of project life cycles with a specific focus on US Government opportunities.  She fosters the relationships with partners including institutional donors, international and local NGOs.  

Marie provides support to the francophone countries within AVSI’s network, with the implementation of projects, translation and new funds. She analyzes the changing and evolving trends of US International Development goals and objectives and the potential opportunities in line with AVSI’s mission and goals.

Marie has a dual degree from The Catholic University of America in World Politics and French and Francophone Studies.



Barbara Gagliotti has been involved in the non-profit sector for over 20 years. As an educator, she has held various teaching and administrative positions in independent schools in the Washington, DC area and she has worked in organizations that serve youth, migrants and refugees along with other vulnerable populations.

Barbara is returning to AVSI in her current capacity as Foundation Relations Manager where she works to connect discerning foundations with authentic human development solutions in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.  

She is a native of New York where she received an undergraduate degree from Pace University in Economics and a Masters degree in Non-Profit Administration from New York University.  She also volunteers as Associate Director of Crossroads Cultural Center in Washington, DC which offers opportunities for education in all fields of human interest making it possible to look at the world with openness, curiosity and critical awareness.

jeffrey bergmanN

office manager

Jeffrey Bergmann is a retired Executive from Bergmann’s Cleaning Inc., a Washington DC Family Business that has been in existence since 1917.

His duties at AVSI-USA include office management, accounting, donor relations & marketing.

Jeffrey is a Washington D.C. area native born, raised and currently living in Silver Spring, MD. A graduate of the University of Maryland with an Accounting Degree, Jeffrey is a member of Argyle Country Club and a parishioner at St. Andrew’s Parish. “It has been a pleasure to work with an NGO that provides so much support for the truly disadvantaged around the world”.