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AVSI-USA is a non-profit organization created in 2000 to work with individuals and communities in developing countries to restore dignity and build resilience in the face of poverty and marginalization. 

AVSI-USA is a member of the AVSI Foundation, a network of 36 organizations worldwide which share the same vision and method. Created in 1972, AVSI Foundation carries out development cooperation and humanitarian projects throughout the world.

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AVSI-USA works for a world where the person, aware of her value and dignity, is the protagonist of her own integral development and that of her community, even in crisis and emergency contexts. 


AVSI-USA works with individuals, communities, partners, and donors to restore dignity and build resilience in the face of poverty and marginalization.

AVSI-USA sustains long-term partnerships with local organizations, jointly designing projects, raising funds, and implementing activities in education, agriculture, early childhood and youth development, economic livelihoods, health and nutrition. 

AVSI-USA connects people across borders, creating opportunities for solidarity and friendship.


  • To start from the value of the person who is never defined by circumstances in which she lives or by social categories
  • To consider the person always in her family and community context, seeking out and valuing local resources as a starting point
  • To accompany and let ourselves be accompanied, recognizing that we all share the same human experience 
  • To involve all stakeholders, facilitating active participation of beneficiaries, service providers, partners, donors and the private sector
  • To learn from experience and capitalize on lessons learned

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