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ABOUT AVSI Lebanon - Fadai Center, Lebanon

In Arabic, FADAI means ‘my world,’ a space to free the imagination, where things are as we would like them to be, though it is often just a dream. The attempt to turn this dream into reality is the fundamental element of this project.” Marco Perini, AVSI Middle East Regional Manager

AVSI has been working in Marjayoun and its neighboring towns since the beginning of the Syrian war, which forced over a million Syrian refugees to seek refuge there in Informal Tent Settlements. From the very first year, in an attempt to create a glimpse of hope for the most vulnerable, AVSI staff envisioned building a Community Center which would allow for an escape from the dark reality that many Syrian refugees were facing, and still are to this day.

Today, the Fadai Community Center, found in the village of Bourj El Moulok, in the heart of Marjayoun, is a physical reminder of AVSI’s promise to continue to accompany 100,000 people from the region with better and more services in a dignified space. Once the building is completed, AVSI will be able to shift all activities and programs under one roof and to better serve the community with improved facilities and a stable presence.