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Crecemos DIJO "awakens the hearts" of children and families through its transformative program in Oaxaca, Mexico. The academic, social, and nutritional support empowers the kids to bloom into beautiful, well-rounded humans, as well as go out and inspire others to find joy and peace.

27 years ago, I started my work journey at Crecemos- DIJO. As time passes, I can’t help but be surprised by our human need for accompaniment, giving a face to peace. The fundamental purpose of our organization is to support vulnerable groups, but what does this really mean? We know we are all vulnerable and needy, and yes, we must be educated in skills to satisfy our primary needs, but our need for integral development is the most important. This year, we celebrated 30 years of Crecemos, and in reflecting on our journey, what has impacted me the most is the indelible mark of the Crecemos experience. To illustrate this, I share Delila’s words.

This story reveals that beyond education and skills, the heart of Crecemos lies in making a human experience, in being embraced and accompanied. This physical space, where workshops, breakfasts, art, music, and classes are offered, becomes a meeting place that not only leaves a mark but awakens the hearts of those who have made a path, thus creating a journey full of meaning and peace. As Dalila shared, the gift of Crecemos planted a seed in her own heart, now blooming and inspiring her to live and share this message of peace, not only in her career but as a woman bringing peace to her corner of the world.

Diana shares how Crecemos transformed her life, giving her a love for learning, the gifts of music and real friendships, and, most importantly, a family. The inner peace and joy that bloomed from her years at Crecemos now shine as she finishes her nursing studies and enjoys life as an adult. Watch the videos below to see for yourself Diana’s beautiful heart.

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