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Our General Fund

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Your support to the AVSI-USA General Fund enables us to leverage our fundraising capacity through outreach to foundations.  Without your support, none of the life-saving emergency response work or the long-term development initiatives would be possible. 
Through your donation, we are able to respond quickly in front of crises with life-saving interventions and to leverage additional resources to fund long-term development initiatives and sustain local partner organizations.  

Restorative Freedom Initiative

AVSI-USA is delighted to announce the launch of our first US-based program, the Restorative Freedom Initiative. Our vision is to inspire social change in the United States through encounters of affection, trust, and mutual support among formerly incarcerated persons and members of their communities. 

Join the Opportunity Family

OPPORTUNITY is an initiative of AVSI-USA to link donors from the U.S. with the projects that AVSI supports around the world. Through Opportunity, Donors participate in the “adventure of life” lived out in circumstances far different from one’s own.

Opportunity is raising support and awareness for Crecemos in Mexico

Our goal is to enable Crecemos to continue providing its community programs, which serve 500 children and 400 mothers through comprehensive programs in nutrition, academic support, sports and personal development in the poorest neighborhoods of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Opportunity donors commit to an annual contribution and receive regular updates from Crecemos and invitations to participate in the life of the organization. 

Our goal for 2022 is to have 50 individuals or families committed, with pledges ranging from $100 - $600/year. As of January 2022, we are at 32 commitments. Don't wait! Join us today!

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Lemonaid Stands

Summer & Fall Campaign

We invite all our friends around the world to set up a Lemonade Stand in your neighborhood, or a virtual one (via email or social media), to support one of our partners: FDP (Ukraine) or Crecemos.

Do you want to instill the gift of giving on your children? Want to learn important fundraising skills? Have you been meaning to get to know your neighbors more?

We’ve made it incredible easy by providing you with all the tools and materials to make your Lemon-Aid Stand a success. Here are links to our Digital Fundraising Kit. We can’t wait to see how you make your fundraiser extra special! Use the hashtag #LemonAidStands to share your pictures and stories or just email us. 


Emergency Campaign

AVSI has responded to this crisis from the beginning, launching important campaigns such as #HelpUkraine to get aid where it is most needed. AVSI continues to find innovative ways to help and stay in Ukraine. Our goal now is to reach those who are in the most remote areas of the country, for example those who have been living in underground shelters for months. 

Through our local partners in Poland, Romania, Moldova and Italy, AVSI continues to provide vital humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian refugees now integrating to new temporary homes. You can donate directly to provide lifesaving food, medicine and hygiene items, as well as psychosocial support and other needed services, with a special attention to women and children. 


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