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FDP supports mothers & children since the outbreak of the war

FDP's response for the past two years

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine in February 2022, AVSI-USA has been working closely with local groups in Ukraine, Poland, and Romania to assist Ukrainian refugees. One of AVSI-USA’s long-term partners is FDP – Protagonists in Education, a Romanian organization whose mission is to promote the human dignity and social inclusion of vulnerable people. Since the beginning of the war, the FDP has been offering direct assistance to Ukrainian refugees who have fled to Romania. The organization puts special emphasis on providing social and educational programs to single Ukrainian women with children who have resettled in Bucharest indefinitely, having lost everything due to the ongoing conflict. 

In the past two years, Ukrainian refugees have faced several challenges, with one of the biggest being the Romanian government’s closure of refugee centers in the summer of 2023. As a result, these families have been relocated to isolated apartments, leading to increased isolation and prejudices due to language barriers and lack of social interaction. FDP has increased access to local schools, community services, and jobs. At its Wonder Center in Bucharest, social workers accompany over 30 mothers and 50 children, providing psychosocial and educational services, sponsoring school inclusion activities, and training teachers in multicultural and inclusive pedagogical practices.  


An additional setback has been the reduction of financial assistance to refugees, who can now access funds only if they are fully integrated and have found employment. This change had a significant impact on Ukrainian mothers who were unable to seek employment because they could not leave their children at home alone. To support these mothers, FDP adjusted its programming by increasing the number of counseling and therapy sessions and other available activities 

Thanks to the generous support from foundations and private donors, FDP is tackling these problems and many more. Below, we provide FDP’s achievements in these last two years in numbers.  


  • 50 families received dignity kits, including food, medicines, hygiene items, and products for their babies (walkers, carriages, clothes, diapers, and toys) and were accompanied to the hospital whenever needed.   
  • 35 children received school supplies and backpacks.   
  • 17 children received winter clothes vouchers.  
  • 5 five mothers received help with legal paperwork.  
  • 10 mothers received counseling and were accompanied to job interviews. 7 out of 10 are now hired.   
  • 5 unattended minors were reunited with their mother  
  • 30 mothers and 50 children participate in art therapy sessions and recreational activities weekly to address trauma.  
  • FDP has organized 7 socio-educational outings around Bucharest 3, trips in nature, and multiple workshops for Romanian and Ukrainian mothers to share experiences  
  • 57 adults and 64 children participated in Romanian classes. As a result, 7 teenagers were enrolled in Romanian high schools, and 7 people got jobs in a local supermarket.   
  • Thanks to the assistance of FDP’s social worker and the translator, 7 Ukrainian teenagers are now enrolled in a Romanian high school.