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Renew your promise by helping us make this year's annual campaign a success

It’s that time of year again! A time of giving and savoring special moments with those closest to us. The theme of this year’s Annual Campaign is Peace is Possible: Let it begin with us.

To renew our promise to those in need, we need your help! Here is how you can join us:

  • Learn more: this year we are supporting Ukraine (FDP), Lebanon (Fadai Center), Mexico (Crecemos), USA (Restorative Freedom Initiative), and General Fund. Visit our Annual Campaign page.
  • Donate: your support empowers us to help these amazing organizations. It’s as easy as a simple click of a button: donate now. 
  • Share with others: our Annual Campaign page has this year’s flyer and lots of beautiful videos. Spread the word about these incredible programs.
  • Fundraise for us: plan a virtual or in-person event, call your friends, bake some goodies with your kids and sell them in your neighborhood, ask a restaurant to give back, etc.

Flyer: Printable and downloadable flyer

Posters: Printable and downloadable general and project posters

Fundraising infographics: learn more tricks

Videos: Official Annual Campaign 22-23 Video (Meet Vira) & AVSI50 Donor Video

Project photos: Video slideshow and folder with photo files

together we can do great things, see for yourself


Be part of our journey and help us spread stories of resilience and empowerment. If you have an idea for a fundraiser or event, we are eager to hear from you.

Our goals are simple: to reach people of all ages and walks of life with a message of hope and the opportunity for positive engagement in the face of significant issues of the day while generating new resources to support the essential services provided by our partner organizations. 

How do I do it? Steps to success


Step 1: Learn more about AVSI’s initiatives and discuss with friends and family. Choose one campaign to focus on.

Step 2: Decide whether to host an event or simply raise funds. Plan ahead as best as you can and keep costs low to maximize your return.

Step 3: Contact AVSI-USA to learn more. Inform us of your plans so we can be in touch with more information about each campaign. Think about your long-term plan upfront. One-time donations are very much appreciated, but the real value is when you can successfully use an event to launch people into a commitment that endures over time.

Step 4: Form your team and begin planning! Download materials (see below) and reach out for support as needed.

Step 5: Host your event, and don’t forget to bring the camera! Document your event and reflect on your experience.

Step 6: Spend a few minutes to reflect on your experience with those who helped and those who attended; write it up and share!