What’s the scoop?
An Annual Campaign to build awareness about AVSI’s work around the world and to raise funds that will extend and support the impact of the life-saving and empowering work.

What’s the end game?
Our goals are simple: to reach more and new people of all ages with a message of hope and positive engagement in the face of significant issues of the day—migration and the environment—while generating new resources to support the essential services provided by our partner organizations in Mexico and Brazil. 

When’s game time?
November 20, 2019 – November 1, 2020

How do I play? 
Step 1: Learn more about the campaign and AVSI’s initiatives; read the concept note and discuss with friends and family. Choose one of the two projects to focus on.
Step 2: Decide whether to host an event or to simply raise funds.
Step 3: Contact AVSI-USA and/or attend an information session to learn more. Inform us of your plans so we can be in touch with more information about each project.
Step 4: Get in the game, form your team and begin planning! Download materials and reach out for support as needed.
Step 5: Bring the camera! Document your event and reflect on your experience.


- Plan a sports-themed event and invite people to play together with a component of awareness and fund raising incorporated into the event
- Plan a game-themed event, such as a neighborhood scavenger hunt, set up a system of tickets to raise funds or sell food before/after while also sharing information about the projects
- Contact a restaurant, bar or café and ask them to sponsor an event and contribute a percentage of revenue
Host an event of your choosing where you can speak about AVSI and the project you choose to support – dinner, concert, happy hour, cocktail party, etc
- Propose the initiative to a group of friends, a school, co-workers, fraternity, boy scout troop, sports team and invite each person/family to pledge a contribution per month or per year. Stay in touch and find moments to talk about the issues and experience.

  1. Learn about AVSI-USA and the project of your choice; reach out to AVSI-USA
  2. Talk through your idea with someone with experience, which could be a staff of AVSI-USA.
  3. Attend an Information and Planning Session. Plan ahead as best as you can and keep costs low to maximize your return.
  4. Think about your long-term plan upfront. One-time donations are very much appreciated, but the real value is when you can successfully use an event to launch people into a commitment that endures over time.
  5. Document your event with pictures and video. Share with us and with your friends. See our tips on taking good pictures.
  6. Spend a few minutes to reflect on your experience with those who helped and those who attended; write it up and share!