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AVSI-USA continues to stand with the families, children, and youth in Port auPrince and Les Cayes, keeping hope alive even in front of unimaginable suffering and chaos. This year, we will support the educational and protection activities delivered by AVSI social workers, allowing children to continue to learn, grow, and heal in relationships with caring adults. 

Last year, AVSI-USA raised funds to help start four community libraries, including the purchase of quality books and training of teachers and parents to continue the highly successful and in-demand literacy program: Mi Mama es Pura Cuento, y Mi Papa Tambien Cuenta. This year, we hope to continue our support and ensure that these libraries continue to thrive and enable Crecemos to respond to new requests as they arrive.

AVSI-USA‘s newest US-based project now supports two faith-based re-entry ministries, My Father’s House in Colorado and Living with Convictions in North Carolina. These organizations accompany formerly incarcerated men as they return to society and rebuild relationships for a stable life, bringing the tested methodology from our friends at APAC in Brazil to this context. We also continue our outreach to communicate widely the experience that a more human approach to criminal justice is possible through national advocacy and Unguarded screenings.

AVSI-USA hopes to support the schools and educational programs that we have managed in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Jericho for 15 years and support the staff to adapt to difficult circumstances. The children in these schools are all safe since the onset of the fighting in early October, but schools have had to adjust teaching and extracurriculars to the emergency context. Now, more than ever, children need relationships in which they feel safe. With your donation, we will help families respond to primary needs, increase services and enhance psychosocial support, thanks to AVSI social workers.

AVSI-USA seeks 10 new monthly donors who believe in our mission and seek a multiplier effect by enabling us to respond to emergencies and seek new partnerships through which we can be agents of peace. All are invited to join this growing community of supporters at the level of support that feels right for you.