November 17, 2021

Haiti Earthquake: Find out how AVSI has been helping 
the victims

Three months after a magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit the country, we have distributed plastic sheets to 5,301 people and created 12 child-friendly spaces to help children and adolescents cope with the trauma

Soon after a magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit Haiti in August, AVSI began assessing the situation. Familiar with the most affected areas (Sud, Grand’Anse and Nippes Departments), we have assisted the population through a multi-phase response.

During the first phase, AVSI supported displaced people through the following activities:

  Rapid assessment of vulnerable neighborhoods of Les Cayes, especially the slum areas of La Savane and Deye Fo

•  Rapid assessment of the nutritional status of children (aged between zero and five) and pregnant or breastfeeding women in the neighborhoods of La Savane and Deye Fo.

•  Distribution of plastic sheets to 765 displaced families and 110 community structures, reaching 5,301 people

•  Distribution of hygiene kits to 318 families

  • •  Distribution of kitchen kits to 70 families

In the second phase, AVSI expanded its intervention by building temporary structures and implementing education and child protection activities, such as:

  • •  Psychosocial activities to help parents and children face the trauma with 89 adults, 74 girls, and 14 boys.
  • •  Community awareness on the issue of child protection in Les Cayes, Torbeck, Roche à Bateau, Port a-Piment, and Chardonniers, southern Haiti
  • •  Evaluation of buildings and schools damaged by the earthquake
  • •  Creation of 12 child-friendly spaces for 1,400 children

The regular and constant participation of children in group activities positively impacted their well-being, fostered resilience and reduced the stress caused by the trauma of the earthquake. Creating child-friendly spaces and carrying out group activities allows children to come together in a stimulating and stable environment where they can learn, express themselves, make friends, and feel safe and supported. Through these activities, AVSI can protect vulnerable children from abuse, neglect, exploitation, or violence and identify appropriate reference points for them. Group activities also give a sense of normality to children despite the emergency. You can see some of these children and adolescents in the video below.

Third Phase – early recovery:

As part of our “You are the heart of development” campaign, AVSI will raise funds to rebuild houses, schools, and public buildings destroyed by the earthquake in Les Cayes. With your help, we can keep children and adolescents involved in educational activities and safe from armed gangs.