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Transitional Support for Integration and Quality of Education in Dadaab Refugee and Host Community




AVSI Kenya implements the project “Transitional Support for Integration and Quality of Education in Dadaab Refugee and Host Community” (2019-2020) with funding from the U.S. State Department’s Bureau for Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM).


Due to the new Competency Based Curriculum reforms in Kenya implemented in 2018, teachers need support to complete or upgrade the already on-going training to meet the new required standards.

In addition, reduced donor funds and number of implementing partners in the Dadaab refugee complex lead to updated needs assessments in the camps andin the hostcommunity highlighting the need for additional training of teachers and support in the education sector.

The Declaration by the Inter-Governmental Authority and Development Conference in Djibouti in December 2017 on integration of Refugee Education into the national education program was a great step forward towards fostering integration between the host and refugee communities. Some of the challenges remaining are the application of the declaration and inclusion for refugee schools. 

At Dadaab level, the challenges of inclusion for the refugee schools are multi-faceted and need to be addressed first at the Parents’ Associations at each school to then cascade to the community. To apply the Declaration, the Ministry of Education is in the process of developing a comprehensive parent-training manual to be applied nationally. AVSI has participated in the development of the manual, which will focus on inclusive education.


AVSI will deliver interventions that will increase the quality of education for refugees and host communities aligned to the education reforms in Kenya. 

To achieve its goal, AVSI will:

  • Sustain the support for Garissa County early years teachers’ training and alignment to the current national reforms.
  • Develop teachers’ quality circles and peer-to-peer school-based support system for refugee and host community teachers.
  • Establish a framework for parent involvement in the provision of inclusive and equitable quality education.
  • Develop self-sustaining sub-county scout structures and scout community services.


AVSI will reach both refugees and the host community. 

Direct: 7,193 refugees & 604 host community

Indirect: 87,242 refugees & 3,150 host community

recent results

Below are the results achieved by our previous project Last Mile Support for Refugees at the Advent of Voluntary Repatriation in Dadaab (2017 – 2018):

  • 146 teachers have benefitted from the ECDE training.
  • 35 Education stakeholders from Somalia and Kenya drafted a policy document addressing the following areas: Certificate recognition and equivalence for both teachers and learners, Teacher trainings, Curriculum, Examination and Education Systems Harmonization, Refugee Education and repatriation.
  • 459 stakeholders from 32 refugee schools and 5 host community schools members were trained on Disaster Risk Reduction in Schools).
  • 95 Scout leaders were trained on advanced scouting activities.


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