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our story

Since 1986, AVSI has been present working in Kenya in a number of sectors but primarily in education. AVSI started engaging in Kenyan education through both childhood and professional programs. AVSI works to promote partnerships in order to foster the development of local communities.

One of AVSI’s first programs during the 1990s was the St. Kizito Vocational Training Institute, which instructs individuals and unemployed youth in different professions and connects them to the workforce.

Since then, AVSI has worked with other educational institutions, but has also provided assistance to communities through psychosocial support, sensitization and connection to health services (including HIV/AIDS), economic strengthening for families and orphans and vulnerable children, food security and emergency relief.

our projects

Integrated education response in Dadaab and host communities


AVSI Kenya implements the with funding from the U.S. State Department’s Bureau for Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM). AVSI will deliver interventions that will increase the quality of education for refugees and host communities aligned to the education reforms in Kenya.



The name of the project Imarisha Jamii is a compound of two Swahili words: Imarisha (strengthen) and Jamii (community). With funding from UNFCU Foundation, AVSI-USA partners with AVSI Kenya to enhance the social and economic resilience of extremely poor adolescent girls and young women in urban refugee and host communities in Nairobi, Kenya.

our partner

Cardinal Otunga HS

The school in Nairobi is the fruit of an extraordinary undertaking by parents and educators concerned about the limited access to quality secondary school education available for their children. AVSI-USA has had a special relationship with the school since 2010, providing interns, outreach for foundation support, and strategic planning advice.

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