October 19, 2020


Over the Summer, a group of friends organized a fundraiser event in Boston to support Crecemos and raised $1,000 selling bracelets


Dear friends,

“One love alone/ lives among us; the eternal laws/ gave it to the human heart,/ as its all-commanding lord”  (Leopardi G., Il Pensiero Dominante). One love connects us as a community in the Boston area and with our friends at Crecemos in Oaxaca. We are bound by one love that motivates us to help one another during times of hardship.  

Over the summer, we launched a fundraiser to support Crecemos’s emergency campaign. It was the first fundraiser that we organized and planned all on our own, and it was a rewarding experience. As our time frame was short, we knew that it would take hard work and dedication to pull this off. The handmade bracelets we sold were a lengthy process that required focus and patience. Despite this, we took the time to reflect on our experience and realized the beauty in nurturing this one love.   

Collaborating virtually on this fundraiser was tough, but we got accustomed to video calling one another from morning to night while making the bracelets. We found the beauty of working in silence together and reflecting on the purpose of our work. Even though we weren’t in person, our virtual presence strengthened our friendship.   

Over the two weeks spent on this project, our mindset about how we spent our time changed considerably.  At first, we viewed this work as a very time-consuming task that took away from our day. As we started to realize the importance of what we were doing, this responsibility became a labor of love. Rather than feeling that this project had consumed our time, we began to see that this work added a deeper purpose to our time. It fulfilled us, knowing that our hard work would benefit others.

Overall, we are grateful for this learning experience and the people in our community that allowed us to support other people in need.

Francesca & Sofia (and the other diligent ladies)