At Senate hearing, USAID Administrator Samantha Power highlights the impressive impact of AVSI's Graduating to Resilience Activity

Washington D.C. – April 11, 2024 – AVSI Foundation is proud to announce significant milestones achieved by the “Graduating to Resilience” Activity in Uganda, an initiative that has uplifted over 13,000 households. This effort is supported by the USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance and has been recognized by USAID Administrator Samantha Power for its effectiveness and potential scalability during her recent testimony before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs. 


Administrator Power highlighted the Activity as a pioneering model for poverty alleviation. “They identified a poverty reduction program in the Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance, which is being piloted in Uganda, providing a sequenced set of supports like training and financial services that help refugees transition from dependency on humanitarian aid to self-sustaining livelihoods,” said Administrator Power on April 9th in Washington, DC. 


The initiative’s robust return on investment was also emphasized by Administrator Power, who noted, “For every dollar we invest there, households are seeing over four times the return in economic benefits.” This impressive outcome has spurred USAID to consider extending this model to additional countries to help more communities achieve economic independence and resilience. AVSI has recently initiated a new collaboration in the Democratic Republic of Congo to adapt the model to a new context.  


AVSI Foundation is dedicated to further refining and expanding the Graduation model to bolster food security and resilience in both Uganda and the broader region. This strategy is particularly vital for organizations such as UNHCR which benefit from cost-effective methods to meet growing humanitarian needs, combat extreme poverty and advance the Sustainable Development Goals. 


“We are heartened by Administrator Power’s recognition and are motivated to continue leveraging the Graduation model to create enduring impact in the lives of thousands of families and communities,” stated Jackie Aldrette, Deputy Secretary General of AVSI Foundation and Executive Director of AVSI-USA. “Our continued efforts and collaboration with our research partners will provide essential data and experience that we are eager to share with all partners committed to improving their resilience and food security strategies.”