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Restorative Freedom Initiative gives peace a face to the restorative justice sector, both in and outside prison. The vision of RFI is to inspire cultural change in the United States through its advocacy campaign around Unguarded and the methodology of APAC. RFI partners with U.S.-based organizations re-entry homes, currently with My Father's House in Denver and Living with Convictions in North Carolina, to support them in adapting the APAC model and leading opportunities for reflection, learning, and sharing. Join us in this journey!

When I think about the documentary Unguarded, the film about the prison system in Brazil that has no guards depicting  the APAC, I  always go back to the big sign painted on every wall of the prison –
To separate the two, one has to believe somehow in some kind of rehabilitation. 
My question has always been – can someone who commited a crime find a way during their time in prison to come out as a recovering person?
Typically,  I saw this is not possible in American prisons, unless you experience a presence, someone who cares for you, a closeness that marks your dignity and hope to start anew even after committing a terrible crime.
The two reentry houses, My Father’s House and Kolbe House, are the opportunity for people to go through the door that separates them from society into encounter with the people, with welcoming and compassion and the return to a life that is changed. 
This is, I believe, the only way to build peace.

Living with Convictions is our newest partner. LWC is a Catholic ministry to men and women navigating prison and reentry. LWC proposes something unique in post-prison reentry: transitional homes founded and run by former inmates who have successfully returned to society. This North Carolina-based home and program is grounded not in theory or statistics but rather in the lived experience of incarceration and release, failing, and beginning anew.

My Father’s House was our first partner and has made beautiful changes using the APAC methodology. We are very excited about what the future holds for Jim and his men. My Father’s House is a nonprofit transitional housing community for men on parole, seeking to offer them safe, decent, affordable housing and a community of support. MFH empowers its men with virtues to succeed in life outside of prison, equipping them with a new sense of love, mercy, and perseverance to better value themselves and society.

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