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RFI Gives Peace a Face

RFI gives peace a face in the United States and around the world by inspiring cultural change through an advocacy campaign around Unguarded and the methodology of APAC; also through our partnership with My Father’s House and Living with Convictions, two U.S.-based organizations, engaged in re-entry programming to support them in adapting the APAC model and leading opportunities for reflection, learning, and sharing.

Crecemos Gives Peace a Face

Crecemos gives peace a face everyday and becomes a safe, joyful home for kids in Oaxaca, Mexico. Empowering them to love themselves, relationships, and life! Planting seeds of hope that not only bloom to make them beautiful human beings, but inspire them to spread seeds of peace wherever life takes them.

AVSI at the UN

On September 25th, AVSI co-hosted with the Italian Permanent Mission to the United Nations and No Peace Without Justice the event “From Vulnerable to Protagonist: Empowering Women”