May 9, 2021

time with their children and helping with homework made mothers stronger

Overwhelmed with chores and responsibilities during COVID, Margarita and Griselda found ways to cope and get organized thanks to Crecemos support and accompaniment

By Adriana Girón

At first, Margarita and Griselda thought the COVID-19 pandemic was a challenge they were not ready to face.

“COVID changed our lives. At first, we lost our jobs; we had to lock ourselves up. My children couldn’t go to school, and I had to be a teacher for them, and check their homework,” says Margarita.

“I used to wash, cook and clean while children were at school, but once they were home all the time and I had to check their homework, the house was a chaos, and it was very stressful for them, and for me,” echoes Griselda.

Both Margarita and Griselda found the strength to keep going thanks to the accompaniment of Crecemos, an educational center in Oaxaca, Mexico. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Crecemos distributed food, hygiene kits but also helped mothers develop a strict routine to guarantee children were learning and maintaining healthy habits. 

“Crecemos has helped me survive this pandemic,” says Griselda. “They gave me the advice to establish a routine at home, at what time to do homework, when to study, when to spend time as a family. Their guidance helped us reduce the amount of stress. They also supported us with food, and for me, as a mother, this gave me a lot of peace of mind.”

Crecemos staff also helped Margarita return safely to work during the pandemic. 

“Being a mom and work as a cleaner is very complicated during these times,” says Margarita. “When I return from work, the first thing I do is take a bath and then hug the children, review their homework, talk with them about their day.”

Now, Margarita and Griselda don’t see the COVID-19 pandemic as a burden but as an opportunity to spend more time with their children, learn from them and, together, build a better family.

“We can adapt to the situation. We know how to take care of ourselves, and we know how to live together,” says Griselda. “The pandemic also brought good things. It helped me get to know my children more and show them all my love. Now, I feel like a stronger mom.”