Turkey-Syria earthquake: Urgent aid needed for the people of Aleppo

AVSI is ready: we are on the ground and helping the thousands of injured and displaced people in Aleppo, just over 100 km from the epicenter of the Turkey-Syria earthquake. This emergency is said to be “the most devastating one the region has seen in over 24 years.” 

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Syria and Turkey

Turkey-Syria earthquake leaves more than 20,000 casualties, thousands have been injured and displaced ‘Most devastating quake in 24 years.’

On the night of February 5th, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Turkey and Syria. It occurred at 4:17 AM, and its epicenter was located near Gaziantep, a city in South-Eastern Turkey – about 50 kilometers away from the Syrian border.

According to Dr. Haluk Özener, Director of the Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute, the Feb. 6 earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria has been the most devasting one registered in the region over the last 24 years. (source Ansa.it)

AVSI in Aleppo: our hospitals are providing help to those injured

“The situation in Aleppo is critical” Filippo Agostino, the AVSI Syria Country Representative, confirms. Upon hearing about the earthquake, he immediately left Damascus, AVSI’s headquarters in Syria, to reach the northern region of Syria.

The number of people killed and wounded continues to rise. In Aleppo, just over 100 km from the epicenter, we are already treating the injured at the Saint Louis Hospital, one of the health facilities AVSI supports through the project “Syria Open Hospitals”, active since 2017.

“The Saint Louis Hospital has only suffered minor damages.” Georges Nasrallah, Open Hospitals Project Manager explains. “But, we had to pause our normal activities to accommodate the wounded and immediately treat the most serious cases.”

In Aleppo, the situation is critical. We are assessing how to provide immediate aid to the Syrian population, that has been wounded once again.

We need you: Care for the injured, emergency aid for the displaced

Since 2015, AVSI has been steadily working in Syria, with an extensive network of partners and projects to support the Syrian people, who are worn out by more than 10 years of war. Our staff, thankfully located hours from the epicenter, is already there and helping:

  • Treating injured people at the Saint Louis Hospital in Aleppo
  • Assessing what the most urgent needs are, to provide immediate aid to people who have lost their homes: blankets, food, and clothes.