February 28 2022


February 28, 2022 – last updated March 28, 2022

Since the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine on February 24, thousands have fled their homes, crossing borders to find refuge with family and friends in neighboring countries.  

AVSI, thanks to our long-term collaboration with the local organization Emmaus, has maintained close ties with the Ukrainian people. In 2014, we helped Emmaus welcome refugees and vulnerable during the Crimean conflict. In recent years, AVSI-USA has provided financial support to Emmaus to continue its essential activities of helping children and youth with disabilities, and those transitioning from orphanage care, to live up to their potential. At this time, we are staying close to our friends at Emmaus to ensure that the staff and youth in their care are safe and provided for.  

This unfolding conflict continues to exact a grave toll: increasing the number of civilian casualties, destroying the means of life and livelihood, and damaging critical infrastructure including hundreds of houses, schools, and water and sanitation systems.  

 AVSI-USA resolutely joins with AVSI offices around the world in a campaign of solidarity and support so that our partners AVSI Polska (Poland) and Asociația FDP-Protagonisti in educatie (Romania) can assist the many Ukrainian refugees flowing into these two border countries over the next days and weeks.  

On Monday, February 28, a small team of AVSI staff traveled to Poland to meet with AVSI Polska staff to better understand the situation and how we can, together, have the greatest impact.  

Everyone’s help is needed.  

AVSI-USA asks you to join us in this urgent appeal so we can respond quickly and directly to help Ukrainians fleeing from war.  

How we will use your donation:  

The situation is rapidly evolving. At the moment, AVSI is supporting displaced persons in Poland, Romania, Moldova and Italy.

 In Romania, our partners FDP are already implementing emergency response activities along the border. We are assisting the most vulnerable Ukrainian refugees with: 

-Food and basic necessities 

-Psychosocial support with special attention to women and children  

In Poland, emergency response activities are being conducted with AVSI Polska, the Italian-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Caritas in Lviv. First response activities are assisting refugees in the city of Lviv and include:  

-Primary medical care 

-Food and basic necessities

-Psychosocial support with special attention to women and children

In Moldova, AVSI has partnered with the Diocese and is working to provide basic and emergent needs to those arriving in the cities of Vărvăreuca and Chișinău:


-Food and medical care

-Services for children, including psychosocial support activities

In Italy, AVSI has launched the HelpUkrainePoint, a collective effort with other organizations to provide access to information with volunteers who speak Ukrainian and to direct refugees to available services. AVSI is providing direct support to refugees in Milan, Bologna, Rome and Naples:

-Cash for basic needs

-Group therapy

-Language courses for adults and children

Needs continue to grow every day and any support helps the men, women and families displaced by the increasing and urgent crisis and war.

Where AVSI Is present and responding

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AVSI UKRAINE RESPONSE VIDEOS - how your donation is helping

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