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#HelpUkraine a year of war and humanitarian aid

On February 24, 2022

In Ukraine: Russia invades Ukraine, starting a war that sweeps across the country.

In Italy: For months, AVSI has been following the dramatic escalation of the situation in Ukraine and immediately launches a fundraising campaign to help to flee Ukrainians. A team of emergency experts is ready to go.

In the United States: Fundraising begins. Donors from all over the US and the world feel called to share the gift of giving.

February 2023. One year after the beginning of the war, we want to show what we have been doing to the thousands of people, companies, institutions, foundations that have responded to our call and helped us assist fleeing Ukrainians. This is more than a report, it's also a story - actions, data, but above all people and their personal experiences is what you'll find in here.

What we did in numbers

4 Countries

195,000 People helped

$5,024,755.96 Funds raised from private actors

25 Projects

Areas of intervention

Child Protection



Livelihood, Economic Strengthening, Vocational Training, and Job Creation

AVSI-USA Partners

The operations map

A year alongside war-affected Ukrainians

A photo reportage showing 365 days of activities in Ukraine, Romania, Poland and Italy.

A year of generous giving by AVSI-USA donors

2022 will always be a reminder of the darkness of the Ukrainian Crisis, but it will also represent the incredible generosity of our donors. This unexpected wave of contributions taught us that the act of giving transforms us: it fulfills an innate human desire, immerses us in hope, and renews our motivation to love selflessly.

We need your help!

Together, we can continue to make a difference.

The war still hasn’t ended. Join us this month as we raise $50,000 to honor and support the Ukrainian people through our local partners:

Emmaus: our Ukrainian partner provides humanitarian aid to 100 elderly people and families with children with disabilities in Ukraine; and accompanies 36 differently-abled orphans who escaped to Italy through a comprehensive range of services to help them adapt to life in a new country.

FDP: our Romanian partner welcomes Ukrainian families in Bucharest, provides financial and emotional support, and promotes social inclusion.