January 10, 2019


“I’m happy to see that the activity is bringing change in people we are assisting to have a better life”.

Haley Adams, Food for Peace Officer at USAID Uganda, visited the Graduating to Resilience Activity in Kamwenge District in December 2019. The Activity aims to graduate 13,200 households (both refugee and host community), from conditions of food insecurity and fragile livelihoods to self-reliance and resilience. Graduating to Resilience is a seven-year USAID-funded program in Southwestern Uganda, now home to mostly Congolese and Rwandan refugees.

During her visit, Ms. Adams had the chance to meet one of the families supported through coaching, a model applied by the Activity to enhance skills in participants.

“I thank Alice for the good work she is doing. I’m happy to see that the Activity is bringing change in people we are assisting to have a better life”​

Alice, a mother of seven, all under ten, didn’t have the means to take care of them – and two dropped out of school as Alice struggled to provide for their most basic needs.

The fifty-year-old mother’s life changed when she was enrolled in the USAID-funded activity: she received training in good agricultural practices, and how to manage her business and finances for the well-being of her family.

Alice was able to boost her milk business, plant beans and maize on her three-acre land, and save a good amount of money.

“Look at my milk containers,” showed Alice. “I now produce a lot more milk and I don’t need to rely on the monthly assistance anymore.”

Alice’s children are back in school. She is also building a two-bedroom house for the family and the hygiene in her home is well kept.

Graduating to Resilience participants meet their coaches weekly, gradually building a strong relationship as they receive trainings on how to improve their livelihoods. The results are evident, and Alice is confident that she will soon reach her goal.

“The positive change in Alice is a result of her commitment to the coaching sessions. I want to thank Alice’s Coach for the good work you and the other colleagues are doing,” praises Rita Larok, the Activity’s Chief of Party.