While AVSI-USA maintains a small office staff in Silver Spring, MD | DC Metro Area, AVSI Foundation is in charge of managing most of the human resources and hiring process of international placements. 

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We are seeking a part-time employee to join our DC area office, located in Silver Spring, MD.

The Office Manager will provide support to the AVSI-USA team of 6 people managing the day-to-day needs of the rented office, book-keeping as well as selected administrative tasks. He/she will report to the Managing Director. The role of Office Manager is multi-functional, with a significant amount of time to be spent on bookkeeping and accounting. A successful Office Manager will enjoy being part of a small and dynamic team which works with dedication and passion to do as much good as possible with limited resources. The Office Manager will also thrive in an environment which changes often as new projects are approved and special opportunities arise for AVSI-USA to respond to. Given that the current portfolio of AVSI-USA includes projects in over 10 countries, the Office Manager will also benefit from the challenge of working in an international environment and connecting with colleagues and peers from around the world. The Office Manager should be ready to help AVSI-USA continue to grow while taking advantage of the technologies available to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our work.

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Please visit AVSI Foundation website. 



  • Internships last 3 months (Fall or Spring Semester, Summer)
  • Internships available in countries where AVSI is present or at AVSI-USA office
  • AVSI-USA Internship:
    – Communications
    – Fundraising
    – Donor Relations
  • AVSI in the field
    – Specify your interest
  • Internships are for college students and recent college graduates (B.A. and M.A.)
  • High school internships available case by case


  • Email a cover letter, resume with references and dates/availability to with subject line “AVSI-USA Internship Application”
  • Application to be received by April 15th for the Summer, August 15th for the Fall and February 15th for the Spring
  • Phone/In Person interview to follow


  • Fellowships are 12 month assignments and involve a greater degree of professional responsibility.
  • Fellowships are typically field-based.
  • Fellowships are generally coordinated through a University.
  • Fellowships are reserved for recent B.A. or M.A. graduates and require cost-share.

Contact us about a fellowship with information on the degree pursued, your interest, and university at